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Alexandra Nickolai
Owner of Pure Barre, CEO of Designed Wellness, Co-Owner of the Business Momentum Syndicate
The mind is a VERY powerful thing…Alex has learned this the hard way and has spent over 15 years learning, growing and understanding techniques to help others live their best and healthiest life, and that starts in your mind.

Alex owns two Pure Barre studios in Bradenton, FL, she has worked in and taught fitness for over 7 years. She is also owner and CEO of Designed Wellness, a wellness coaching and supplement company. When not working on her brick and mortar or coaching businesses, she spends her time on researching the latest in health and mindset, attending personal development conferences, wellness retreats and more, all in an effort to bring her clients the best information and techniques from both Eastern and Western holistic practices.

Alex has completed numerous personal development courses including Tony Robbins Mastery University. She has also studied the ins and outs of masculine/feminine energy and how that affects personal and business relationships, especially for female entrepreneurs.

Her purpose in life is to help others and to teach them techniques to prevent wellness self sabotage so all can live enlightened and full of love. Her motto is to “Make Health a Habit”, one day and one small step at a time.

When not working on her businesses, you can find Alex on a golf course anywhere in the world or at a spa researching her next wellness inspired retreat for clients.

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