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Kimberle Seale
Founder & President of Vincerem, Co-Owner of the Business Momentum Syndicate, Owner of Mind The Gap Publishing
Hello!  I am a mentor, coach, business owner, teacher, connector and most importantly, Wife and Mom of 4 children.
Vincerem is a social enterprise helping small businesses build vision and momentum to grow, scale, and transform dreams into reality. It’s the business owner’s VISION that guides every decision we make, and momentum pulls us closer to our future where we will live healthier, wealthier, and happier lives. It is my passion and my mission to pass on my family’s legacy by building a legacy for generations for others.

What is so exciting is that small businesses make up 99% of all the businesses in our country. However, this group of small businesses only earn 1% of the total revenue. 

• 92% of small businesses are not delivering on their goals
• Small business owners score themselves a 5 out of 10 on the happiness scale
• 50% fail within their first five years and 66% fail within the first ten years
• And, there are more than 200 Million employees and families that rely on these businesses to be successful, and this doesn't even include the customers and communities impacted by the success of these businesses.

So the impact small businesses have on our communities is significant, and that is where I come in to unblock the owner and their leaders, expand their mind, and help them develop and implement a strategy for an effective workforce and sustainable profits.
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