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Tanya Faulk
CEO of The Inspired Dollar, Co-Owner of the Business Momentum Syndicate
Love of people and love of freedom, in addition to empowered decision making, while opening the door of opportunity for myself and others. That has been the motivating force in pursuing the talents and skills I have acquired. Continuing to be a student, continues to compound those talents and skills everyday. I help individuals and families, design and build their own personal economy, using proven financial tools and strategies. An economy that is not only a platform for wealth building, but that also can withstand global and regional economic shifts. 

Here is where I should give you a long list of credentials, perhaps mention college degrees, and/or certifications. Or maybe even jobs I have had. The true credentials I have are the results I have learned to produce in my own finances, as well as remarkable, and even miraculous transformations in other people’s financial picture/portfolio/ circumstances. A vast array of personal experiences, in addition to getting in the trenches with my clients, has helped me develop and acquire unique and powerful tools and resources for business development and financial coaching. I have personally seen the dark side of debt so deep you cannot see Summer sunshine because the cloud it brings is so dark. I have also seen how much brighter that sunshine is when that cloud of debt is lifted. The privilege of bringing families and business owners, back from the brink of bankruptcy, or exit bankruptcy gracefully so as never to repeat it, has been humbling. By far, the challenge of helping business owners begin, grow, or even rescue their businesses, as well as bring greater profitability to whatever process they are in is a thrill! Assisting those business owners fortify their personal and business finances, while improving the financial and personal communication between them, and their spouses, is inspiring and rewarding. Stepping in when a single mother cannot navigate the financial storms that continue to rain on her family, alleviating the instability and chaos for her, and her children is not only humbling, but reminds me why I do this. I have personally withstood massive shifts in finances as jobs have been changed, medical challenges faced, and multiple cross country moves were needed.  

I am a successful entrepreneur, who has built her own company while raising a family and while facing many of the challenges that are familiar to many women today. 25 years of experience in business development, business management and financial coaching are just part of what I bring to the table. A passion for empowering my clients to develop freedom, choices, and living a lifestyle they choose, is the net result.  
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