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Wendi Freeman
Founder & CEO of Be Bright Events, Co-Owner of the Business Momentum Syndicate
Wendi Freeman's passion is creating unique, life-changing experiences through both live and virtual events that spark engagement, inspire change, and impact lives, communities, and organizations.

Her secret sauce is her dedication and creativity for creating a safe space for emotional connections, personal development, and building a community.

No event is too small or large for Wendi and her team.  With over 15 years of experience.  Wendi has planned live and virtual events, conferences, workshops, retreats, and masterminds for groups ranging from 12 to over 700 people, with budgets ranging from $1000 to over $1 million, that have generated over $6M in revenue!

Wendi and her team have created events for speakers, entrepreneurs, non-profits, small businesses, training institutes, and corporate companies to leverage their platform and purpose-driven mission for continuous growth.

When she's not working with her private clients, she is outdoors enjoying nature, journaling, reading a book, or enjoying a nice glass of wine.  Wendi lives out her purpose by actively creating an environment that makes an impact and facilitates positive change.  Her motto is "Making a difference one event at a time."

Wendi's extensive experience as a planner as well as an attendee provides her with the necessary understanding to translate her client's purpose, vision, and outcomes into reality.

What Wendi brings to the table is unrivaled as Be Bright Events is a passion-driven company that incorporates personal growth principles, innovation, mindset, and goal setting strategies for each and every client.
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