Business Momentum Syndicate

The Business Momentum Syndicate is a network of small business owners helping each other learn, scale, and create a legacy of success.

Do you know why small business owners feel overwhelmed, confused, lonely, and struggle to survive?

We are an exclusive business coaching organization empowering you with the mindset, skills, and a networking platform to create wild success to THRIVE in your business and life. 

We help you increase your INCOME, 
tear down the barriers that are constantly holding you back from getting to the
NEXT LEVEL where you WILL make an IMPACT!  



LEARN how to market, promote, and reach your perfect client and inspire them to buy what you have to offer while you meet new potential clients in our community


GROW an unwavering level confidence in who you are and what you provide so that new clients drawn to you and they feel great about doing business with you


LEVERAGE with our community of successful women in business to celebrate together, to work on challenges together, and to build lasting relationships


Get your life back and feel FOCUSED by having a plan that has you doing the right profit-producing activities and you still feel balanced with the rest of your life


As you develop relationships in our community, when you are ready to SCALE your business, you will have already met people you know, like and trust that you want as a part of your team


Become FINANCIALLY FIT in your company where your cash flow is working for you instead of you working for cash flow
The Business Momentum Syndicate is ONLY for women willing to do the following: 

1) Be resourceful 
2) Be coachable 
3) Push yourself 
4) Engage to help others
5) Have fun

If you can comfortably do these five things, this will 
be a perfect fit for you.

The Business Momentum Syndicate is for women business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level and live out their dreams of making an impact, creating a legacy, and creating the freedom to vacation and work from anywhere in the world.

This isn't for dabblers. This is for the ones ready now, to learn what it takes to make a change, to live at the highest level, and to live out their dreams.

Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

If you implement EVERYTHING we discuss and attend the sessions, and you don't see a positive change in your business within one year, we will refund your investment 100%.
That's how confident we are you will get results!

Join Today To Setup Your 
One-On-One Coaching Session 
With One Of Our World-Class Master Coaches

Meet the Team Dedicated To Your Success!

We are a team of passion-driven entrepreneurs focused on personal growth principles, innovation, mindset, and business strategies for each of our members.

Alexandra Nickolai

Wellness & Mindfulness Coach
Mindset Maven

If your wellness and mindfulness is not optimal, it impacts your entire life. The relationships with yourself, clients, family and friends will undoubtedly be strained when you don't feel your best.

By creating a foundation of health and wellness both in mind and body, you will make effective decisions, attract more clients, and have better relationships with everyone in your life.

Learn more here about Alex.  

Tanya Faulk

Financial Coach
Personal Wealth Wizard

Over the years, women have earned less and spent less time in the workforce to care for their loved ones.  This has positioned women to rely more on others for income and has caused a wealth gap 3x bigger for women over men.
With the BMS, you will have the financial experts to help you get the knowledge and skills to build your personal wealth through your business and fund your dreams.
Learn more here about Tanya.

Wendi Freeman

Events Coach
Event Experience Expert

95% of businesses host an event at some point on their journey.  It may be to share value, bring in new customers, launch a new product and more. Planning for an event, whether live or virtual, requires a ton of planning and expertise to pull it off flawlessly and to give your audience that connection to people creating a unique, life changing experience that is memorable and impactful.
Learn more here about Wendi.

Kimberle Seale

Business Coach
Brilliant Business Builder

After 10 years, 9 out of 10 businesses go under.  But that doesn't have to be you.  Where business owners fail is to learn how to understand their vision and create a plan that will give them the results they desire.  8 out of 10 business owners don't know or don't do this.

On top of that 80% of where the business owner struggles is with themselves.  They will get in the way of their success with fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs.

That's were the BMS steps in, to help you feel like you aren't alone, to solve problems, to hold you accountable to your dreams, and to help you feel safe with your decisions.
Learn more here about Kim.

Sydney Brletich

Digital Media Management Coach
Organized Engager

For small businesses, including the solopreneur, we tend to do all the work in our business, leaving very little time to envision the future, grow your business, and solve problems.  We end up focusing on things that might not necessarily be the most profit producing work.

Optimizing the work you do (and don't do) so you can focus on bringing in new clients and serving them, is typically why we go into business.  So why not leverage the expertise of others?  

Sometime though, you don't have the finances to leverage others to do your digital marketing, with experts like Sydney in the BMS, you can learn too how to do this on your own.
Learn more here about Sydney.

This Group Is Designed Specifically For YOU!
It Is The Highest Level Mastermind That Has Ever
Been Created That Earns You MONEY!!

It's For The Small Business Owner Who Is Ready to Go Beyond 5 Figures AND the biggest risk in business is to do nothing.

Here's What You Will Get By Being A 
Founding Member Of The 
Business Momentum Syndicate 

3-Hours of Coaching 1-on-1

Stop getting overwhelmed and trying to figure it out on your own.  These monthly sessions will unleash your inner greatness and give you a crystal clear path to follow.  Your success coach will help you ensure, you are holding yourself accountable to achieving your dreams.
(Value: $1,200)

Coaching & Mastermind Sessions

Leverage the knowledge, contacts, and resources of the entire group to propel your business forward.  Each month we will host 4 group coaching sessions where you can bring your greatest challenges and work with your success coach and peers to tackle and identify multiple innovative ideas to solve these challenges. 
(Value: $9,600)

Live Profit Activator Training

Learn profit producing skills and dominate in your market.  Each month learn the Art of the Sale; Copy Writing Secrets, The Power of Your Energy, Networking Skills, Social Media Etiquette, Leveraging Your Personality To Sell, How To Influence, How to Scale with Events, Facebook Ads Training, and more. 
(Value: $3,600)

Video Training On-Demand

Lifetime access to all of our core business owner trainings plus recorded sessions so you can go back and listen.  Learn more on mindset, finding your competitive advantage, creating a vision, setting goals, and all of our Profit Activator Training.

(Value: $9,000)

3 Ways To Earn Extra Income

We also believe in profit sharing at the BMS.  For every member you refer to us, you earn $200. Five referrals is all it takes to pay for your membership.    SECONDLY, when you refer someone who may not need your product & services now, they will in the future and there will be many opportunities for them to get to know and like you along the way, each sale will be so easy because they will come to you and say "I NEED YOU!"  It's happening to our members already.  THIRDLY, the owners of the BMS are continuously recruiting new members to create an on-going network of potential new referrals for your business.
(Value: $12,000 more)

7 Cures To Keep & Grow Your Money

Financial well-being is foundational to lowering your stress so you can be more effective in both your personal and professional.  
Learn these seven principles to build effective financial practices and grow your wealth.
 ANYONE can do it and if are motivated, open to abundant thinking, and ready to learn, this program is ready for you!
(Value: $97)

Virtual Event Planning Workbook

Fast-track your planning process to host a successful, profitable, & engaging event!
The Virtual Event Planning Workbook will take you step-by-step through major decisions you will make throughout the planning process to launch a wildly successful, profitable & engaging virtual event. Fast-track your planning process and feel confident that nothing slips through the cracks. (Value: $197)

40 Ways To Attract Dream Clients

You have your dream client nailed down and now you need to attract them. So...HOW and WHERE do you find them?   This visibility guide taps into the first step of a five-part marketing strategy.  This is not meant to be a massive to-do list, yet it IS a guide to gives you ideas of places your dream clients may be and ways you can show up in front of them! (Value: $97)

Wellness & Mindset

Ready to take your Health, Fitness and Mindset to the next level or just getting started in your wellness journey? Join us at Pure Barre for a month of unlimited classes (streamed live AND on demand) tailored to meet your busy lifestyle. Pure Barre is a low impact workout designed to tone your body, build long lean muscles without bulk, increase your balance, flexibility, bone density and so much more. Pure Barre is also about challenging your mind, pushing you to go to a place of 'mind over matter' - setting you up for success in other parts of your life.  Pure Barre will show you the way to more resilience and determination to reach your goals both on and off the mat. 
(Value $99)

Trello Business Templates

Save time and effort by tracking what is most important with your business.  Leverage these basic, easy to use, customized templates created for our clients to track customers, strategy, goals and a to-do list. 
(Value: $50)

Network & Accountability

Be a part of our family of entrepreneurs and never do business alone again.   With the BMS you will build trusting relationships with a network of women who will help you stay accountable to your goals, dreams and aspirations. 

Total Annual Value:  $35,940.
And as Founding Member, You get all of this for 

$3,997 for 12 months
Payment plans are available.

Claim your spot now before prices go up!  

We are offering this limited-time pricing because women business owners need our help now, and we are ready to go on this journey with you.  

We have room for 25 more business owners at this price.

Members Are Rating The Program a 5 out of 5 On The Value 
It Provides For Their Business

Here Is What Others Have To Say About Working With Our Coaches! 

Kat Curry

United Kingdom
Virtual Assistant & Accountability Coach 
Following my call with the amazing Kimberle Seale tonight, I had to just share my win this month.  I honestly thought that this pandemic would be the death of my business. I mean as a VA and an Accountability Coach, my business relies on other people’s businesses doing well right?  In the first week of lockdown, I lost my first client. Maybe it was a self fulfilling prophecy, I don’t know. But it put me into a bit of a downer. I spent 2 days vegging out, wondering what’s the point?  But then I spoke with Kimberle and she made me realise that my musings of expanding from being a VA to also being an Accountability Coach was totally viable idea and I should just put myself out there and see what happens.  Within 3 days of changing my socials and website to reflect the new service, I got my first enquiry. We booked in a zoom call and within 24hours she signed my biggest VA contract to date.  Since then I feel like I have just gone from strength to strength.  Not only has that new client been awesome, another client has doubled their contract and a 3rd has also increased their hours.  As well as this I have recruited 2 new members to my team, a tech wiz and a copywriter who are currently working on a complete new rebranding project for me including an amazing new marketing strategy.  I am just 1 contract away from taking on a new administrator and I have now already met 1 of my 5 end of year targets.  

The only way is up from here 😍😍😍

Carol Joyous

Mindset Coach
I had my Coaching Call with Alexandra Nickolai this morning.  It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! She provided me with such great insights and ah-ha moments! Thank you, Alexandra, for the clarity and perspective you helped me reach surrounding my goals and bonuses I can provide for my upcoming launch.  After we got of the phone, I thought of 3 more bonuses.  Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed our call. You helped me get clear and I am so grateful.  Thank you!

Anna Kate Goshko


From start to finish, there was tremendous value! I feel like I am chipping away at all of the roadblocks preventing me from moving forward in my business. I have a better understanding of my niche, ideal client, and how I can better serve my existing clients.

Hannah Foden

Love Coach and Product Distributer 

I have never benefited more from our conversations.  I just set up my website and booked my first client after we detailed out my perfect Niche.  I am so excited at how I can add coaching services to my existing business for an even bigger impact.

Dr. Deb Carlin

Partners In Excellence

I had my Profit Planning Call this morning with Alexandra Nickolai -- very productive, we created a strategy that just simply poured out from me with her guidance in the context of the faith I have and confidence I have resumed this past week.

Amy Shackle

Accounting and Book Keeping 
Kimberle’s approach to strategy and coaching is well-balanced and conscientious. She effectively seeks to understand and creates meaningful custom solutions. It’s a pleasure working with Kim as she’s flexible and has a wide range of business capabilities.

Keyera Patrick

Life Coach

Thank you so much! I am so excited.  I marked one of my steps off my goal toady.  It feels so good.  I knew a break through was coming and this was perfect timing.  I am excited to work with you Kim and bring this dream to life.

Margaret Ortell

IT Service Provider for Non-Profits

I had such a great experience with Kim. Kim was very patient with me and helped me through the process. She understood my challenges and helped me to set smaller goals for myself to help me and my business.

Ana Sierra

Rhode Island

I had the most irresistible aha moment of my life where all the brain fog that was keeping me from growing and expanding cleared away! Thinking from your customers pain point of view was my struggle.  Kim is amazing and her wealth of knowledge makes her incomparable.

Kesha Bailey

Fertility Services and Doula 
Mind blown!  Love it!  I'm excited about all of the new things happening in my business right now!  I can physically feel the momentum shifting.

Leameana Davis

Website Designer
Kim helped me think more outside the box by making suggestions on how I can improve my sales techniques and approaches. I took lots of notes and cant wait to start implementing some of the processes Kim suggested. Thank you so much for your help and advice.

Why Do You Need This Mastermind
And Why Is Now The Greatest Time Ever To Join?

Learn From The Best In The World...

Over the last few decades, our coaches have connected with and learned from Billionaires and fantastic Coaches like Tony Robbins, Rachel Hollis, John Maxwell, Jay Shetty, Vishen Lakhiani, Sean Fargo, Dean Graziosi, Chris Woodward, Pete Vargus, Nick Unsworth, and Marie Forleo to extract the most valuable information, tools, training, and insights to create a consistent income for growth that we want to pass on to you but in a way that fits the small business owner budget.  Small businesses just starting out or who have trouble getting momentum can't afford the $100,000 masterminds to grow their business.  So we created this program just for you, in a very cost effective way to get you tremendous results.

The Power of the Third Mind...

Any business owner trying to make it alone (and there are many of them) is at an extreme disadvantage. Struggle and ultimate failure are inevitable. The statistics prove it. And no amount of BNI, Chamber of Commerce, or Facebook group posting will change that. There's a very good reason why you don't find highly successful people at traditional networking events. With the Business Momentum Syndicate, you get all the power of people who have been in your shoes, solved the problems you have and need the solutions you have for their problems, creating a powerful alliance. 

It is built on the principle that "when two or more minds come together in the spirit of harmony with a specific purpose, a third mind" principle is generated, where the collective workings of both conscious and subconscious minds merge to stimulate the minds to a higher level of consciousness, and as a result, a much higher level of creative output. (A Napoleon Hill quote creativity edited)

Holistic Business and Life Mastery...

The Business Momentum Syndicate is a world-class and proven vehicle for extraordinary entrepreneurial success. You'll be immersed in the businesses and lives of those in the group, and they will be immersed in yours. The group will help you expand your thinking to overcome the inevitable problems, challenges and obstacles that get in the way when you are on a steep trajectory of growth to phenomenal personal and professional success. 
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