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Our 5 expert coaches will teach you how to tap your authenticity, ignite your momentum, and leverage your unique skills so you can create the space to attract more of your PERFECT clients and grow your business while you build your plan for 2021 without the stress & overwhelm, of doing it all yourself.

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The Challenge starts January 24th
Time Sensitive: This 4-Day LIVE, Interactive Challenge Will Give You The Keys To Unleash Your Authentic BUSINESS Starting Sunday, January 24th, 2021
Alex, Kim, Sydney, Tanya & Wendi are multi-passionate business owners, award winners, patent owners, authors, speakers, and coaches for thousands of business owners.

Collectively we run 12 profitable businesses — and we want to share our collective knowledge with you.

Listen - there’s no better time than now to be the person and business owner you were meant to be.   If you aren't sharing your message and "speaking" to your perfect client, how can they find you, do business with you, and as a result, be in a better place in their own lives?  2020 wasn't great for everyone.  Many barely survived and many also thrived.

But if you are in a place where you have been struggling with growth, stressed, tired, and you aren't enjoying the clients you have, then it's time to set new intentions and take some new innovative actions that set you up for complete success in 2021. 

If you had the chance to design a customized, step-by-step business blueprint that could catapult your business in 2021 for free with 5 experienced coaches, what would you wish for?

Maybe it's....
  • More income?
  • More time to spend with your family?
  • Letting go of stress, exhaustion, and burnout for good?
  • ​More fun?
  • ​More balance, energy, passion, and purpose?
  • ​Wishing you could just be "YOU", say what you need to say, be the person you desire to be?
We've designed this virtual 4-day experience to show you exactly how to transform your authentic voice for your business from where you are now, to where you really desire to go.  

Get ready to be INSPIRED, get out of the day-to-day, and join us to build your plan for 2021.

Dedicated to you!
Alex, Kim, Sydney, Tanya, & Wendi
P.S. When you dive in and give it your all every day of the challenge, we will be raffling prizes and giving away bonuses to each of our participants such as an Echo Dot, Custom Goal Setting Journal, Amazon Gift Cards, Ring Light, Airpods, AND Complimentary Travel Certificates.
What You'll Learn:
Empowering Mindset Hacks: Entrepreneurs, and more specifically women, struggle with standing out amongst the crowd.  We can be scared to say what needs to be said, to do the things that should be done, We are scared to offend, afraid to lose out, and afraid to take action if we think we will fail.  But we will empower you with ways to remove the doubt, fear, and anything that steals your energy and immediately to tap into your power. These hacks will give you an unfair advantage over your competition.
Unleash Your Momentum: We are in a new year and it's time to set yourself up for success.  From your vision, to goals, to actions, you will lay out a plan that gets you excited and is easy to implement.  At the same time, you will get your time back, feel more organized, and get excited about your business.  It's time to get more done in a week, month, and year and earns you more revenue than you can imagine — no matter what the economy is doing.
Pinpoint The Perfect Customer: We will focus on who your PERFECT client really is, based on your strengths, values, and how you want to serve.  Then you will identify ways to attract more clients you love to work with so you’ll produce incredible results that give you the income you desire while you enjoy the clients you find. 
Broaden Your Reach w/o Ads: Scaling your reach is critical now, even virtually.  So many entrepreneurs are lost in the crowd with everyone who is on line.  It's time you stop getting lost in the shuffle and standout with who you REALLY are.  That is who people want to do business with, the real you.  We’ll show you what it takes to be ready now and when the world opens back up.
Make More, Keep More: You may feel like you don't have the resources to grow your business.  We are here to tell you that you do, and we will show you how.  Learn and implement our signature 7 ways To Keep and Grow Your Money For a Truly ABUNDANT Life.  

Here's What Our Participants Had To Say!

"The Accountability I Needed"

"The Incentives Motivated Me"

"I Didn't Feel Alone Anymore"

The Challenge: We’ll challenge you to unleash your authentic voice and tap into more of your potential than you ever knew you had.
Interactive Experience:  This isn’t just a bunch of video lectures. If you do the work, you’ll produce results. Simple as that.
Grow Your Business in 2021:  Learn how to increase your income, influence and impact FASTER during these uncertain (but still profitable) times.
 Supportive Community:  Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who are on a mission to be and do something bigger than themselves and support each other through referrals, joint ventures, and more.
 Awesome Prizes:  We are incenting you to do your best and implement new ideas that will grow your business.  Our incentives include amazing prizes, swag, bonuses and more as you make progress during the challenge.
If you can’t make it live one of the days, no sweat! We’ll have a replay up each day!
 Session 1: Sunday January 24th at 8PM till 9:30PM EST
 Session 2: Monday January 25th at 11AM till 12:30PM EST
 Session 3: Tuesday January 26th at 11AM till 12:30PM EST
 Q&A: Tuesday January 26th at 8PM EST
 Session 4: Wednesday January 27th at 11AM till 12:30PM EST
 VIP Celebration: Wednesday January 27th at 8PM EST
“Increased Revenue 180% in 1st Month of Membership”
Alice Moore

Since joining BMS, I have not only expanded my professional network. I have increased my revenue by 180% in the first month of joining and I made my investment back 14x. The business owners inside of the BMS are some of the kindest and warmest people I've ever met. If you're looking for a tribe that supports you, you've found it!
I have been part of what feels like hundreds of "networking" groups - but none has come close to comparing to BMS. The structure, coaching, and genuine care that the founders demonstrate on a daily basis consistently reaffirms my decision to join. I fully expect that the longer I remain in BMS the faster my business will accelerate. Thank you so much for making such a beautiful home for kind, caring female entrepreneurs!

Breanna Gunn, Owner
Breanna Gunn - Messaging Specialist
“Best Business Decision”
Alice Moore

Joining the Business Momentum Syndicate was one of the best business decisions I've made thus far. I was constantly being challenged to think outside the box and beyond my perceived barriers.  Not only that, being able to connect with other like-minded women entrepreneurs, that are sincerely dedicated to also helping you succeed, is the power of a great lead mastermind. 

Alice Moore, Owner
Moore Business Services
“Within 24 Hrs I Signed My Biggest Contract"
Kat Curry

Following my call with the amazing Kimberle Seale tonight, I had to just share my win this month. I honestly thought that this pandemic would be the death of my business. I mean as a VA and an Accountability Coach, my business relies on other people’s businesses doing well right? In the first week of lockdown, I lost my first client. Maybe it was a self fulfilling prophecy, I don’t know. But it put me into a bit of a downer. I spent 2 days vegging out, wondering what’s the point? But then I spoke with Kimberle and she made me realise that my musings of expanding from being a VA to also being an Accountability Coach was totally viable idea and I should just put myself out there and see what happens. Within 3 days of changing my socials and website to reflect the new service, I got my first enquiry. We booked in a zoom call and within 24hours she signed my biggest VA contract to date. Since then I feel like I have just gone from strength to strength. Not only has that new client been awesome, another client has doubled their contract and a 3rd has also increased their hours. As well as this I have recruited 2 new members to my team, a tech wiz and a copywriter who are currently working on a complete new rebranding project for me including an amazing new marketing strategy. 

Kat Curry, Owner
K. Curry VA
“I Love BMS, I Love Everything”
Ana Sierra

I had the most irresistible aha moment of my life where all the brain fog that was keeping me from growing and expanding cleared away! Thinking from your customers pain point of view was my struggle. Kim is amazing and her wealth of knowledge makes her incomparable.

It's the transparency and accountability that I did not see in another group that the BMS offers, and the matureness with the way things are taken.  I love how you handle things very professionally.  The accountability from everyone in the group comes from a professional place, not judgemental.  And that is what we need as a woman.  We have different backgrounds, come from different cultures and raised differently.

I love BMS, I love everything that has been done and said in this group!

Ana Sierra, Owner
The Witty Baker
“There Is Something Going On In This Group, That I Don't See In Any Other Group”

I really value this group.  Even though everyone is from a different background we can all help each other.  Solutions can come from very a different corner, and that really opened my mind.

There is something going on in this group, that I don't see in any of the other group.  Here, people really love to see you grow and to see your successes.  And with that they grow themselves.

There's a lot of giving here.  that's amazing.  I do not know how you do it but good job!

Aletta Caroline, Owner
Aletta Design
“I've Gotten Two Referrals”

I gotten two referrals and recommendations of other BMS members to help me with my business from someone I know and trust in the BMS and they have been beautiful connections.

As you come to the sessions, you are getting to know and like the other members, and that trust factor with people who will need your services or who will be a huge asset for you.

That speed of trust has been very important and a big benefit for me.

Tanya Faulk, Owner
The Inspired Dollar
“Mind Blown! Love It!”

Mind blown! Love it! I'm excited about all of the new things happening in my business right now! I can physically feel the momentum shifting.

Kesha Bailey, Owner
Blended Baileys DFW Doula Services
Win PRIZES & Get Our Free BONUSES 
For All Attendees
When you ATTEND the LIVE free challenge... Win prizes like an Echo Dot, Custom Goal Setting Journal, Amazon Gift Cards, Ring Light, and Airpods.  

Also for everyone that attends get our $997+ bonuses... for FREE.
About Your coaches
We teamed together because of our shared mission to change the world by empowering other like-minded female entrepreneurs who want to impact lives and leave a legacy.  

We have felt the POWER that "community" brings when you are in business.  We enjoy working together on our own businesses while building and growth one together.  We hold each other accountable to bring out our best everyday.  So, we ask our clients to bring to the challenge their BEST selves so they can experience what we have and create life-changing business results and live the kind of lifestyle you've always desired.

Together, we have 105 years of business experience — leadership and coaching and these are just a small part of what we bring to you. 
Alex Nickolai
Alex is the owner of two Pure Barre studios, CEO of Designed Wellness, Co-Owner of the Business Momentum Syndicate, and is a Real Estate Agent and Investor.
Alex’s aim is to create a foundation of health and wellness both in mind and body. She shows people how operating at your best self will help you make effective decisions, attract more clients, and have better relationships.
Kim Seale
Kim is the owner of Mind The Gap Publishing, Vincerem, and Co-Owner of The Business Momentum Syndicate. She is also a Certified Business and Leadership Coach, international speaker, patent owner, and author.
Kim uncovers the root of where business owners fail and uses that knowledge to help them create a plan that will give them the results they desire. In her experience, 8 out of 10 business owners don't do this well.
Sydney Brletich
Sydney is the owner of Sydney Brletich Digital Marketing and Co-Owner of The Business Momentum Syndicate.
Sydney is wildly passionate about helping online business women climb out of the digital marketing trenches and step into their proper role as CEO. She does this by implementing customized digital marketing strategies to increase brand visibility and organic lead generation while nurturing your current audience.
Tanya Faulk
Tanya is the CEO of The Inspired Dollar and Co-Owner of the Business Momentum Syndicate.
Leveraging her personal experience, Tanya has developed powerful tools and resources for business development and financial coaching. She’s not afraid to get into the trenches with her clients and show them see how much brighter life is when they lift that cloud of debt.
Wendi Freeman
Wendi is the Founder & CEO of Be Bright Events, Co-Owner of Virtual Event Experts, and Co-Owner of the Business Momentum Syndicate.
Wendi’s passion is creating unique, life-changing experiences through live and virtual events that spark engagement, inspire change, and impact lives. Her secret sauce is her dedication and creativity for creating a safe space for emotional connections, personal development, and building a community.
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